If you wish to launch your own business directory website, we have a readymade solution for you which supports unlimited categories, uses and secure code. Our Company Catalogue Listing Script is just the right script for you. Our script is a reasonably priced solution for local listings and supports reviews, membership packages, popular categories, basic and advance listing, and multicity with Google map integration.

Directory management: Our Edirectory Software enables users to add unlimited business listings, in countless categories and sub-categories, registrations as well as third-party listings.

Search options: Once listed the user can search any data through various options such as using location, category, distance, keyword search, etc

Admin Rights: Admin can view the comments and pages at a single glance. Admin can take quick notes using quick draft. Admin can add and manage the company details, blogs, portfolios, deals, comments, pages, products, orders, coupons, reports,etc.

Security: We have very strong in-built security features such as firewall settings, and various scans to block the malicious data. Two Factor Authentication for login which is used in banks and highest security agencies worldwide for authentication.

Multi-language: Our Company Catalogue Listing Script script also supports multiple languages. The users can chose the desired language and the site will change as per the language chosen.

Blogs, Newsletters & CMS pages: Yellow Pages Clone Script supports advanced blogs, newsletters and CMS pages.

SEO friendly: Our Company Catalogue Listing Script consists of a Meta tag editor and SEO friendly URL . This always allows you to get a lot of free search engine traffic.

Multi-payment and social media integration: This script is integrated with multiple payment gateways as well as social media.

We have a strong back-up of our 12 years experience and we always strive to develop products which are at par with the industry standards.

Hosting Requirements : MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache module, PHP 5.3 or higher, Linux Server
Platform : Core PHP and MYSQL
Server Requirements : FTP, Cpanel and Linux Server
Payment Type : Onetime Payment: - Once you make the full payment, we will provide you with the entire script files. You have to pay nothing thereafter.
Delivery Time : We will forward the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) and within 48 hours On Weekends(Saturday -Sunday)
Customizable : This Just Dial Clone was developed in open source so, you can customize the script as per your requirement
Technical Support : Will provide the 5 years update and 10 years technical support for any technical issues, within specifications.


  • User can Register with OTP
  • While registration User want to provide some information about the company
    1. Company Details
    2. Location Information
    3. Contact Information
    4. Timing/Payment info
    5. Business keyword Add
    6. Business
    7. Image/Banner
    8. Manage Catalog
Forget Password
  • User can get the password Through registered Mobile number with valid captcha code for security
  • User can login with registered Mobile number and password
Search option
  • User can find the particular category through the keyword and location
Enquiry Option
  • Enquiry option through SMS
  • Enquiry option through E-mail
Social Connectivity
  • User can share the service or category through the social network like faebook
  • User can view the location of category using google map
Review Option
  • User can view the other reviews of the category
  • User can review the particular Category
Complete Details
  • User can view the complete details of the particular category
    1. Portfolio
    2. Events
    3. Blog
    4. Contact
    5. Timing Options
Featured Business
  • User can get the their service as the featured business through membership plan


  • Admin Can login with valid username and password
Account Management
  • Master admin can assign the modules to Sub admins
User Management :
  • Admin Can Manage the user
  • Admin can add the new user
Membership Management :
  • Admin can manage the membership plans
  • Admin can add the new membership planss
Category Management :
  • Admin can manage the category of the script
  • Admin can add the new category
  • Admin can search the category by keyword
Location Management :
  • Admin can manage the existing location
  • Admin can add the new location
Ad Post Management
  • Admin can manage the existing Ad posts
  • Admin can add the new Ad Post
General Settings
  • • Admin can manage the general settings of the site
CMS Pages
  • Admin can manage the CMS Content
    1. About Us
Slider Management
  • Admin can manage the Slider options
  • Admin can add the new sliders
  • Admin can search the sliders using key words
Keyword Management
  • Admin can manage the existing Keyword
  • Admin can add the new keyword
  • Admin can search the keyword by category name and keyword
Testimonials Management
  • Admin can manage the Testimonials
  • Admin can search the sliders using key words
Featured Business
  • Admin can manage the featured business options
  • SEO based URL
  • Good speed download cache optimization
  • Best security coding and spam free