Hot Scripts Clone : Script Classified

Now-a-days people are looking for readymade solution; they don’t have time to inbuilt from the scratch. The software developer companies are planned to introduce clone script but the problem is there is no good solution for connecting between inducer and software companies. Our script covers almost gap for these inducers. It has 80 advanced features that including, basic and advance search, categories and sub-categories, user can rating for each product and can comment for their own. This script supports more than 3 million users. There is 100 k listing without any struggle. Hot clone script has many profitable and beneficial revenue module, different banner advertisement, premium and sponsor listing, newsletter, subscription etc.., this script is having payment PayPal gateway, through admin you can change contact details, phone number, address etc..,

One of the scripts is classified website; this script is especially introduced for script vendor and bund up with the related purposeful functionalities of hot scripts and clone scripts. These days’ scripts are developed not only for start-up industrialist peoples but also for the largest and leading software companies. Throughout the world thousands of business magnets are creating and producing different kind of readymade scripts for each day but the majority of the companies are struggling to trade their scripts. These are the difficulties faced by the industrialist while they want to introduce new scripts among this competitive business industry. This script is moving towards as the solution for this issue and formulates a platform to sale their important and valuable readymade script. This script is performed and acted like a digital marketplace which is more possible to your business.

For digitalization, the industrialists are expecting much different kind of functions for their need and to handle this issue we have introduced and established this script for all level of industrial men and end user. This product is having responsive design which is compacted for every kind of device and browser similar in temperament that is accepted for every browser. Hot scripts clone is clearly classified for category & sub-category along with user friendly search which serve the user can find their requirements and obligations without any effort and struggle. This script is highly safe and secure and high withstand ability and capability that can be guarantee to submitted your full client details which leads to the peak profit. The profile management system is managing the personal details, make the listing and manage them, statistic of ads that will post by them and it is added in favorite list.

Hosting Requirements : MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache module, PHP 5.3 or higher, Linux Server
Platform : PHP 5.4
Server Requirements : Apache 2.2.x
Payment Type : One time Payment :- Once you send the full payment we will give you the entire script files to you, there after you don’t want to pay any thing.
Delivery Time : We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) And the scripts will deliver within 48 hours On Weekend(Saturday -Sunday)