About Us

Classified script for business is a big and small, as well as private owners having insightful and perspective knowledge of classifieds software solutions coupled with many years of experience and passion for what we do enables us to deliver second-to-none classified scripts that available in the market today. Founded as a one-man company, over the years, PHP classified scripts has grew into a big IT company, now it is one of the leaders in the classifieds solution business.

We develop and support our own classified scripts. Our programmers’ employers are having creative approach and modern web solutions that making our software unique among other companies. We help our customers to realize their business goals and give life to their most bold ideas. We have helped hundreds of customers who are now running their successful sites, are fully equipped as well as they are ready to help you. Constant software has a quality control and flexible pricing for policies are the two things valued by our customers.

Our company is having a professional web developer’s team, support and sales operators, all are working towards the same goals and objectives. Each member of our team is bringing his own unique set of experience, ideas and expertise into the product perfecting with each new update. Our team goals are developing the best classifieds software; always be perfect to develop the script to meet challenging for market demands; and helps you to realize your business goals and you launch your web business.

In those days, the future company owners are spending countless hours for an idea for two years instantly researching the market. The initial stage of product is first tested by individual an owner who is soon become successful in businesses that provided confidence for founding the company. Our company has got a team of highly skilled and expert in software application for developers, designers and search engine optimization. They have experience and expertise in their domains, ability to customize solutions and services and round the clock support. The main aim of our company is to offer high level of quality & security service to clients and our highly qualified team of software experts works only these parameters. We do any customization according to customer’s specific requirements and services that including installation, hosting, the domain name, web hosting, payment gateway integration and custom unique and exclusive designs for classified scripts.

Your Own classifieds software script has originally designed and to be used as a general classifieds site with a bit of everything having custom fields in the software that allow you to add custom fields depending on the categories for example miles field an auto section and the number of bedrooms fields in houses categories. Now this software can be used as a specific script for example Auto Classifieds, real estate classifieds or even pets classifieds. These are some general categories we think of but if you have something else in mind for example babies stuff classifieds or horses classifieds, we customize the classifieds software to make a complete turnkey script to be run a specific classifieds software. Checkout our Classifieds software templates section for a specific place and general classifieds software templates have scripted and ready to go. The script is designed and keeping a layman in mind so that a person with having a minimal knowledge that should be able to run and administer the site without the need of a whole IT team. This script is backed with a powerful admin panel which is allowed you to do virtually everything from changing Meta tags and adding categories & locations to changing the templates.